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I hope you will find inspiration browsing through my different nature image galleries.

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About Me

Thanks for browsing to this "About Me" section and giving me the opportunity to introduce myself to you. Although you probably know by now that my name is Gerard Leeuw and that I am a Dutch nature photographer....

I was born in Leiden, Netherlands in 1972. Raised in Lisse till my twenties and then moved back again to Leiden. And that is where I live my life with my girlfriend Andrea and our beautiful son Gido.

It was in 2008 that I started shooting pictures (with a compact camera) for the first time. Soon afterwards I bought my first DSLR. After travelling to several exotic locations the nature photography virus really got a good grip on me. The breath taking rainforests of Costa Rica and Borneo. The vast planes of Tanzania. Later countries like the Seychelles, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Egypt, Iceland, England, Scotland, Ireland and Madagascar followed. All these countries inspired me in their own unique way. How beautiful and divers nature can be!

The Netherlands, my own beautiful country, has a lot to offer as well. During my frequent visits into Dutch nature I often realize how beautiful my country is. In my immediate surroundings there is a lot to explore: sea, beaches and dunes are almost at my doorstep and within five minutes I'm in the grass lands with mills, cows and vast number of birds. Great!

I try, and that is every time again a challenging task, to capture nature in all its simplicity. I strive for images which show my interpretation or express the feeling I experienced of a scene in front of me. And my interpretation sometimes leads to an end result which others might call original, artistic or abstract. It is important for me to state that none of my images have been manipulated (not in the field nor behind the computer) in any way (besides standard image processing stuff like sharpening, noise reduction, curves and levels). Images that do seem manipulated are probably the result of the viewer's limited imagination 🙂

My toolbox contains Nikon camera's and lenses. Master your tools I'd say and be ready to carve your own images by letting your creativity flow freely (easier said then done). Don't bother yourself with what others might think of your images. Do what you like and think is best. Creating images and enjoying nature at the same time should in the first place be a fun and beautiful experience. Allow yourself to be inspired by other nature photographers but always strive to distinct yourself from the rest, add your personal signature. And the only way to sometimes be able to do that is by following your own inner voice.

I hope my images will inspire you. And thanks again for visiting my website! Did you know that my Facebook timeline is integrated into my news section on this website? This means that you can follow my Facebook activities without having to create your own Facebook account.

kind regards,
Gerard Leeuw


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