Gerard Leeuw Photography

Creative Collection

I hope you may enjoy the beauty of nature by browsing my image galleries.

Take a seat (and some time) and enjoy!


Mostly abstract images and close up details of various subjects

Other animals

A small selection of some animals without feathers.....


One of my favorite subjects. Also checkout my Hornoya gallery

Flowers and Plants

In this gallery you will find a lot of images which are either shot with a regular macro lens or 50mm portret lenses with tubes. The portret lenses are mainly vintage lenses like the Porst 55mm F1.2.....


You will not find epic and majestic landscapes in this gallery. The images are rather intimate and portrait a part, interesting details of a landscape


Shooting water, waves, sunsets at a beach never bores.....


A small selection of a 1 week trip around the area of Kusaamo


An image gallery containing some results of two trips to the beautiful island of Hornoya. A third trip is already scheduled….

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